LTCC materials and devices: industrial development and analysis

Abstract: In the era of 5G high-frequency communication, electronic products are developing towards miniaturization and multi-function, which puts forward higher requirements for the integration and packaging of the electronic components. Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic ( LTCC) technology, as a key technology for the integration of passive components, has significant advantages in the development of high-frequency, high-performance and highly integrated electronic devices, and plays an important role in the development of high-frequency communication in China. In this paper, the characteristics and advantages of LTCC technology are firstly introduced. The overall development of LTCC materials and devices at home and abroad is then reviewed. In view of the main problems, economic and social needs, and future development priorities of China LTCC industry, the in-depth analysis are conducted. Finally, the corresponding thoughts and suggestions are proposed for the development of core technology of high-performance LTCC materials and devices, as well as the improvement of the core competitiveness of the electronic industry.

Key words: LTCC; passive component; industrial development; 5G communication


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