Influence of the Storage Energy Capacitance on Their Electrical Output Characteristics of Piezoelectric Ceramic during the Process of High-Velocity Impact

Abstract: In order to reveal influence of external capacitance on the voltage input and input energy provided by the PZT-5H piezoelectric ceramic composite structure under high-speed impact loading,experiments have been performed by using one-stage light gas gun loading system combining with a power supplier circuit and power output testing system,which the aspect ratio of 1:1 column projectile impact monolithic and multi-piece piezoelectric ceramic composite structure at the near impact velocity and different storage capacity. The experimental results show that the more larger storage capacitance is,the smaller the piezoelectric ceramic output voltage is,However,the smaller of the capacitor voltage is,the smaller the value of energy storage is; with the energy storage capacitance increasing,the piezoelectric capacitance ratio and the energy conversion rate of piezoelectric ceramics decreases; In addition,the storage energy capacitor increases with the increasing of the piezoelectric ceramic layers; the relationships of storage energy capacitor and piezoelectric ceramic capacitor has a great influence on the input voltage and storage energy for storage energy capacitor.

Keywords: PZT-5H piezoelectric ceramic power supplier; high-speed impact; storage energy capacitor; electrical characteristics; design of experiments


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