Preparation and Properties of Gradient Porous Ag LoadedHydroxyapatite Ceramics

Abstract: Gradient porous Ag loaded hydroxyapatite (Ag-HA) ceramic was prepared by adding pore-forming agent method.The effects of pore-forming agent distribution,sintering temperature on the porosity were studied.The phase composition and microstructure of the sintered products were analyzed,the compression and antibacterial properties of sintered gradient porous (Ag-HA) ceramics were measured.The experimental results show that the porosity of gradient porous Ag-HA ceramics increases with the increase of the contents of interlayer pore-forming agent,but the compressive strength decreases.With the increase of sintering temperature,the porosity of gradient porous Ag-HA ceramics decreases,but the compressive strength increases.When the distribution of pore-forming agent of is 20%-10%-20% (mass fraction),the pressing pressure is 100 MPa,the sintering temperature is 1 150 ℃ and Ag content is 2% (mole fraction),the porosity and compressive strength of the sintered gradient porous 2.0Ag-HA ceramics are 24.7% and 12.6 MPa,respectively.XRD analysis shows that the sintered products are HA phase doped with Ag ions.SEM observation shows that the pores of sintered samples present gradient distribution.The antibacterial experiments of gradient porous Ag-HA ceramics show that with the increase of Ag loading and porosity,the antibacterial ring diameter of gradient porous Ag-HA ceramics against escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus increases.The gradient porous Ag-HA has good antibacterial properties,while pure HA ceramic shows no antibacterial properties.

Key words: Ag loaded hydroxyapatite ceramics, gradient porous, porosity, compressive strength, bacteriostatic zone, sterilization rate

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