Strategic Thinking on the Development of Electronic Ceramic Technology in China

Abstract: Electronic ceramics are a type of new materials of strategic significance. They are the core materials of passive electronic components and an important technology frontier in the electronic information technology field. As the electronic information technology develops toward integration, intelligence, and miniaturization, passive electronic components have become a bottleneck restraining the development of electronic component technology. Therefore, the strategic position of electronic ceramic materials and their processing technologies is increasingly prominent. The field of electronic ceramic materials and components has formed a good industrial technology foundation in China. However, its competitiveness is still insufficient in high-end materials and components, and some key material, process, and equipment technologies are controlled by other countries. Facing the new situation, it is urgent to increase R & D investment, rationalize the system and mechanism, and strengthen the independence and innovation of the industrial chain.

Keywords: electronic ceramics; passive electronic components; high-end materials


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