Yttrium Zirconium Solid Solution Ceramics for Ultra High Temperature Crystal Growth Furnace

Abstract:The yttrium zirconium solid solution ceramics were independently developed,which can be used in temperature field of ultra high temperature crystal growth furnace.The highest use temperature is 2 650℃in vacuum.protective atmosphere and air environment.The service life of this material reaches 3 years with repeated rising and cooling cycle,which is 6 times longer than the metal temperature field.Taking the ceramic temperature field of 120 kg mTstal as an example,it shortens the growth cycle by 25%and saves more than 40%of the electric energy consumption compared with the metal temperature field.At the same time,it avoids metal materials at high temperature the problems such as shrinkage,rupture,improves the safety and production efficiency,and implements the green environmental protection and recycling of materials.

Key words:sapphire;kyropoulos method;yttrium zirconium solid solution ceramic;temperature field

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