Preparation of V2O5 thin film by sol-gel method and its photoelectric properties during thermally induced phase transition

Abstract:Here a high quality V2O5 film was prepared on quartz substrate by sol-gel spin coating method,which was then post-annealed. Its optical and electrical properties were studied during thermally induced phase transition. The crystal structure and morphology of the V2O5 film were analyzed by X-ray diffraction(XRD) and scanning electron microscopy(SEM). And the composition of the V2O5 film was analyzed by XPS patterns.The optical, electrical properties and phase transition of the V2O5 film were characterized under different bias voltages and temperatures. The results show that the optical transmittance of the V2O5 film is 60% from 300 to 2000 nm at room temperature. There is an obvious change in the optical transmittance during the phase transition.When temperature is higher than 231°C,the near-infrared transmittance of V2O5 film from 900 to 1600 nm is averagely reduced by 18% with resistance changes by 3 orders of magnitude.The thermal hysteresis loops also shows that the film has good photoelectric properties during the reversible phase transition.
Keywords:V2O5 film;sol-gel;thermotropic phase transition;optical transmittance;resistance


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