Progress in Research on Thermal Protective Coatings of Niobium-based Alloys

ABSTRACT: As a structural material widely used in the hot end of various modern industrial fields such as weaponry and aerospace, niobium-based alloys will suffer seriously ablation under the erosion of combustion flow, which will affect its performance in high-temperature environment. The study found that the use of surface coating technology can effectively improve the high temperature ablation resistance of niobium-based alloys. Based on the actual service environment of oxygen-rich and ultra-high temperature of hot end components, the research status of anti-oxidation ablation coatings at home and abroad was reviewed, and the merit and demerit of metal-based coating and silicon-based ceramic coating in terms of oxidation ablation resistance were compared. Then, the research progress of thermal barrier coatings at home and abroad in recent years was reviewed. The characteristics of three kinds of thermal barrier coatings, including ZrO2-based ceramic coating, rare earth zirconate ceramic coating and perovskite ceramic coating, were summarized. Finally, the structure design and future research direction of thermal protection coating on niobium-based alloys was prospected.

KEY WORDS: hot end components; niobium-based alloys; surface coating technology; anti-oxidation ablation coatings; thermal barrier coatings; research progress  


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