Preparation of three-dimensional ceramic substrate using multilayer electroplating

Abstract: In order to meet the requirement of hermetic packaging for the optoelectronic devices, multilayer electroplating technology was proposed to prepare 3D ceramic substrate with metal dam ( cavity). In this paper, the feasibility of this method was analyzed, the influence of electroplating time and current density on the thickness of electroplating copper was investigated. The three-dimensional ceramic substrate containing copper dam was prepared by multi-layer pattern electroplating technology. The pattern accuracy, bonding strength and reliability of the electroplating dam were tested and compared with that of 3D ceramic substrate prepared by adhesive bonding. The results show that the 3D ceramic substrate prepared by multilayer electroplating has many advantages such as high dam dimensional accuracy (the error is within 10 μm), high bonding strength (shear strength is high up to 45. 5 MPa), high heat resistance (can withstand 350 ℃ high temperature) and high air tightness ( leakage rate is lower than 3 × 10-8Pa·m³ ·s-1) , which is promising to be used for the packaging of the optoelectronic devices (such as deep ultraviolet LED, VCSEL, accelerometer, and gyroscope, etc).

Key words: ceramic substrate; hermetic packaging; electroplating; reliability; electronic packaging


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