Research of Photo-Induced Electric Field of PLZT Ceramic under Coupling Multi-Fields and Its Application

Abstract: The photo-induced voltage variation law of PLZT ceramic illuminated by high-energy ultraviolet can’t be explained appropriately based on the current mathematical model. Concerning this issue,the mathematical model of photo-induced electric field with the coupling multiple energy fields was constructed according to the multi-physics coupling mechanism,based which the experimental phenomenon of photo-induced voltage was analyzed theoretically. And then,the ON-OFF closed-loop control for single piece PLZT and the dual light sources coordinated irradiating control for PLZT bimorph were proposed and verified well control effect experimentally.The feasibility of PLZT ceramic as an optically non-contact control electromotive force source and the application prospect as an energy supplying device in MEMS system were discussed.On this basis the photovoltaic-electrostatic hybrid actuated micromirror and the PLZT-Dielectric film hybrid driven optically operated micropump were proposed.

Key words: PLZT ceramic; coupling multi-physics fields; photo-induced electric field; hybrid actuated micromirror; optically operated micropump


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