Research and Application Progress of SiC Ceramics:a Review

Abstract:Due to the favourable wear resistance,thermal conductivity,oxidation resistance and excellent high temperature mechanical properties,SiC ceramic materials are used in a wide range of fields such as energy and environmental protection,chemical machinery,semiconductor,national defense and military industry. However,densification has been one of the main problems for the preparation of SiC ceramic materials with high density resulting from the covalent bonding of silicon carbide and low diffusion coefficient. Therefore,extensive research works focus on the sintering technology and the selection and optimization of sintering aids to promote the densification process of silicon carbide,reduce the sintering temperature,refine the grains,and improve the performance of silicon carbide ceramic materials. Based on understanding about sintering behavior,microstructure and mechanical properties of SiC materials,the progresses made in sintering of SiC ceramics and the selection standard of sintering aids were summarized in this paper. The application status of SiC ceramic materials in traditional industry and modern science and technology have also been introduced.

Key words:silicon carbide ceramic;sintering technology;sintering aids;application of silicon carbide

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