Research Progress of Transition Metal Non-oxide High-entropy Ceramics

Abstract: High-entropy ceramics, a novel class of single-phase ceramic solid solutions consisting of near-equimolar multielement species, are recently attracting tremendous attentions. Especially, the transition metal non-oxide high-entropy ceramics, such as transition metal carbide and boride high-entropy ceramics, have been proposed for potential applications in aerospace, nuclear energy, high-speed machining and many other extreme environments, owing to their excellent physical and chemical properties including super-high hardness, low thermal conductivity, good oxidation resistance and corrosion/erosion resistance. Recently, the research of high-entropy ceramics is only focused on composition design, fabrication methods, single-phase stability and mechanical properties, but the design criterion and theoretical analysis are rarely reported. Based on the researches of high-entropy alloy, the fabrication, characterization and theoretical study of several transition metal non-oxide high-entropy ceramics are summarized, along with some related results of high-entropy film. The prospects for the future developments of
high-entropy ceramics are also discussed.

Key words: high-entropy ceramic; non-oxide ceramic; fabrication process; microstructure; performance; review


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