Structural Regulation and Electrochemical Energy Storage of Woodceramic Electrode Assembled with Lignin Based Carbon Nanosheet

Blocky woodceramic electrode was prepared by high temperature sintering and physical activation which uses poplar based woodceramics as skeleton and assembled pulping black liquor lignin based carbon nanosheet with electrodeposition method. The electrochemical deposition mechanism,structure and morphology,phase composition,chemical energy storage mechanism and electrochemical performance had been discussed and analyzed. The results showed that pulping black liquor lignin was assembled on the surface and in the pores of woodceramics skeleton in a certain sequence under the action of electric field,and the lignin was converted into carbon nanometer sheets after high temperature sintered,some of them still remained the orderly arrangement. Meanwhile,the electrode was mainly composed of amorphous carbon and graphite microcrystalline with multilayer pores,which could be regulated and optimized by the assembly of lignin. The specimen had better electrochemical performance,which electrodeposited for 10 min,sintered at 1 000 ℃ for 2 h and activated at 180 ℃ for 6 h. When the scanning rate was 0. 25 A· g-1,the specific capacitance could reach 141. 8 F·g-1,and the specific capacitance retention rate was 88. 1% after 1 000 cycles of charge and discharge. As the energy density was 132. 6 Wh·kg-1,the power density was 12. 8 W·kg-1,indicating a good energy storage perfor-mance and application potential.

Key words blocky woodceramics electrode,pulping black liquor lignin,sequence assembly,structural control,energy storage mechanism


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