Energy Storage and Strain Property of (Bi0.5Na0.5)0.935Ba0.065TiO3-xBiScO3 Ceramics

Abstract: (1-x)(Bi0.5Na0.5)0.935Ba0.065TiO3-xBiScO3 (BNBT-xBS) lead-free ceramics were fabricated by conventional ceramic sintering process and modified by BiScO3. Effects of BiScO3 content on microstructure, energy storage, field-induced strain and dielectric properties of BNBT-xBS ceramics were investigated. The results indicated that the structure of BNBT-xBS ceramics without impurity phase transferred from the co-existence phase of rhombohedral and tetragonal phase to pseudo-cubic phase. Average grain size of BNBT-xBS ceramics grew slightly with increment of doping content. The long-range ferroelectric order of BNBT-xBS ceramics was destroyed by BiScO3, which resulted in weak polarization. Meanwhile, the phase transition of BNBT-xBS ceramics was observed from a typical ferroelectric phase to relaxor phase. BiScO3 dopants improved energy storage and strain performance of ceramics as well, whose maximum energy storage density and high strain were 0.46 J/cm³ and 0.25% at 70 kV/cm. The dielectric constant decreased with doping content increasing. Relaxor ferroelectric characteristics were also verified by temperature-dependence dielectric spectra. The resistance of BNBT-xBS ceramics illustrated a negative temperature coefficient and excellent electrical insulativity below 450℃. 

Key words: BNBT-xBS; energy storage; strain; lead-free; ceramics


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