Preparation and Properties of Foamed Ceramics from Turmeric Residue

Abstract: As a new type of building wall material, foamed ceramics have the excellent characteristics of lightweight and heat preservation, which is conducive to building energy saving. A new type of closed-cell foamed ceramics was prepared by mixing, tableting, sintering and other processes with turmeric slag as the main billet, adding proper amount of Macheng stone powder to optimize the billet composition, and SiC as the foaming agent. The effects of firing system, molding pressure, foaming agent content, and stone powder content on the macroscopic properties and microscopic characterization of turmeric residue foamed ceramics were studied. The test results show that when the firing temperature is 1 130 ℃ , the heating rate is 5 ℃ / min, the molding pressure is 1 MPa, the SiC content is 0. 5% , and the Macheng stone powder content is 40% (both are mass fraction), the turmeric waste slag foamed ceramics has the best preparation effect and the best overall performance.

Key words:  turmeric residue; Macheng stone powder; foamed ceramics; SiC; pore structure; thermal insulation material

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