Re se arch progre ss of antiferroelectric energy storage ceramics

Abstract: Dielectric capacitors have been widely concerned in the field of energy storage.Comparing with batteries and other energy storage devices,dielectric capacitors have the advantages of high power density,fast charging and discharging speed and so on.But their disadvantage is the relative low energy storage density.Anti-ferroelectrics is an excellent candidate material for energy storage because it has double hysteresis loop and the residual polarization strength is close to zero,which is beneficial for obtaining high energy storage density.In this review,the definition of anti-ferroelectrics and the advantage of anti-ferroelectric materials as the energy storage materials are introduced firstly.Then,the research progress of anti-ferroelectric materials in energy storage field,including PbZrO3-based,AgNbO3-
based,NaNbO3-based and (Bi0.5Na0.5) TiO3-based,is summarized.The research progress of the fatigue property,which is very important in practical application,is also reviewed.Finally,the research prospect of anti-ferroelectrics in energy storage field is proposed.

Key words: anti-ferroelectric ceramics; energy storage performance; review; fatigue; phase transition


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