Research Progress on Phosphor Ceramics for Solid-state Lighting/Display

Abstract: As the fourth-generation lighting source, solid-state lighting has developed rapidly in the past 30 years due to its advantages of high efficiency and environmental protection. It is widely used in various scenes such as automobile headlights, projection displays, industrial production, and long-distance lighting. High-power, high-brightness white light-emitting diodes(W-LED) and laser lighting technology put forward new requirements for the service stability of color conversion materials. Phosphor ceramics have emerged with their unique advantages of withstanding high power excitation density. This article comprehensively reviews the latest research progress of phosphor ceramics for solid-state lighting/display, clarifies the evaluation criteria of light sources, summarizes the development and application of white light and several monochromatic fluorescent ceramics in high-power lighting and projection displays. The improvement strategies of light extraction efficiency, color rendering index(CRI) and correlated color temperature(CCT) in phosphor ceramics are described. And the problems of luminous saturation and light uniformity in laser illumination are discussed. Finally, the prospects and challenges of fluorescent ceramics in solid-state lighting/display applications are envisioned.

Keywords: color conversionphosphor ceramicshigh luminous efficiencyhigh luminous quality


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