Grinding Force and Surface Quality of Inner Circle of Ceramic Bearing Outer Ring

Abstract: In order to explore the grinding force of the inner circle of the ceramic bearing outer ring (abbreviated as outer circle) and the influence mechanism of the grinding force on the surface quality, firstly, the influence rules of different grinding parameters on the grinding force of the outer circle were obtained through grinding experiments. Secondly, the relationship among the rotary grinding force, the surface roughness and surface removal method was obtained. The results show that as the wheel speed decreases, the feed rate and the workpiece speed increase, both the normal and tangential direction grinding forces of ceramic cylindrical grinding increase. The normal direction grinding force is about 3 times of the tangential direction grinding force. When the grinding force increases, the grinding surface changes from plastic removal to brittleness removal, the surface roughness value increases, and the surface quality deteriorates. In the cylindrical grinding of ceramic bearings, higher grinding wheel speed, smaller feed rate and workpiece speed are appropriately selected to ensure the surface processing quality and processing efficiency.

Key words: engineering ceramic, bearing ring, rotary grinding force, surface roughness, removal method

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