The Influence Mechanism of Polarization Process on Various Ferroelectricity and Field-induced Strain for Piezoelectricity and Energy Storage of Ba0.96Sr0.04TiO3 Ceramics

Abstract: Ba0.96Sr0.04TiO3 (BST) powder and ceramics were prepared by Pechini sol-gel method and traditional solid state sintering method, respectively.The ceramic samples were polarized at different voltages and temperatures in the siliconeoil. Subsequently,the ferroelectricity, energy storage performance, and electric field-induced strain of the ceramics were tested under an electric field of 20kV/cm and a period of 1000ms. The ferroelectric phase of BST ceramics changed to antiferroelectric phase near the polarization temperature of 100oC,and the best ferroelectric properties and electricfield-induced strain were obtained. When the polarization voltage was 4kV, BST ceramics featured optimum ferroelectric and energy storage properties,i.e.,Ps=10.95μC/cm³、Ec=2.30kV/cm、Pr=2.43μC/cm³、Jr=0.06J/cm³,and η= 52.6%. The results indicate that the improvement of polarization process can effectively prompt the working efficiency and expand the application range of BST ceramic materials in electronic devices, such as sensors, actuators, etc.

Keywords: Ba0.96Sr0.04TiO3 ; energy storage; ferroelectric; Curie temperature; field-induced strain


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